5/ favorite idols (in no order).

[Naver] Jokwon-Sohee Authentication Shot “We meet again”


[+3015, -251] Sohee is still cute

[+2851, -169] I hope that she practices hard and receive praises for her acting. Also hope that we get to see her soon. I used to like her when she was in Wonder Girls… cute.

[+2455, -145] Speaking of Sohee reminds me of her casual fashion… hope to see her soon.

[+2061, -135] Long time no see

[+1984, -115] Looks just like when she first debuted


The ABC’s of Ahn Sohee:

  • o for omona

The ABC’s of Ahn Sohee:

  • n for no makeup


Girls singing about girls: Irony - Wonder Girls
     ↳ “Irony, it really doesn’t make sense.”

The ABC’s of Ahn Sohee:

  • m for mc

ha:tfelt for bnt international

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