Day 5: Your favourite song composed by Yeeun.

Honestly I’m cranky
I get angry easily but you’re the only one who makes me smile
Stay with me always Even if only you stay with me
I could smile all day long

This song is just so simple and sweet, I’ll melt everytime I heard it. Yeeun is just a pure genius cause I’ll smile when I hear this song.

Day 4: Your favourite concept/era for each Wonder Girl

88/ ∞ favorite pictures of Ahn Sohee

Day 3: Your favourite Wonder Girls MV.

R U READY. I dunno if this counted as mv but still, this is like my most favorite Wonder Girls’ video! Hair flips + butt swaying + long legs = FREAKING AWESOME! This is like hands down the coolest teaser in Kpop.


Everyday’s question…


The-Golden-Years-of-Kpop _Music-Videos.avi

Day 2: The best dancer in Wonder Girls

Sohee. Technically all of them are great dancers with different styles. I personally love Sohee’s dance style which are clean and effortless.

Day 1: The Wonder Girls song that made you a fan.

Definitely the legendary Nobody! I became a Wonderful on 2009, which is unfortunate cause that’s the year the Wonder Girls took a long hiatus. But this is also a year when Nobody gone viral. It was everywhere and immediately I was hooked :*


I’ve always wanted to do a Wonder Girls version of the 30 Day Challenge but I was either too busy/lazy or I didn’t like the list of challenges.

So, in hopes of actually completing one, I’ve made my own list of days for the challenge! Some are from the old one but a lot are new! Maybe you’ll join in with me (please?) and have fun with it? ^^

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 I know. I’m kinda late on this.But hey! Better late than never right? lol